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Cold weather, dark nights, grey skies and that back to work feeling – the January blues seem to have well and truly hit us in the office this week! Aside from snuggling up in oversized sweaters with copious amounts of peppermint tea, one of the best remedies to beating the January blues is to get up and get active. When you work out your body releases feel good brain chemicals such as endorphins and endocannabinoids that help alleviate feelings of sadness and low moods. Although getting up and working out can be the last thing you feel like doing when its cold,  grabbing your trainers and getting out there is one of the best things you can do to alleviate negative feelings. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either – our New years offer have just launched so there’s never been a better time to get active and beat the post Christmas slump!

If you’re thinking of getting back in a fitness routine, or you’ve never worked out before and want to start, Personal Training sessions are the perfect place to begin. Our one on one training sessions take part in our private, fully equipped gym and are tailored specifically to your exercise needs, whether you’re  looking to loose weight, tone up or improve your core strength.  The package also includes our 50 minute Oxygen treatment, which helps to remove toxins from the skin, and stimulate cell regeneration, leaving the skin looking and feeling younger, and Diet advice with our Medical director who will asses your diet and advise you on meal plans and healthy alternatives to your favourite snack foods.


If you’ve fallen off track with your fitness and aren’t sure where to start to get yourself on track again, our personal trainers can asses your fitness levels and work with you to help get you back on your feet. After a work out is the perfect time to take advantage of a massage and feel your aching muscles relax and unwind fully.



New year for some people means a complete new start and lifestyle over haul. If you’re feeling sluggish and bloated after the Winter festivities and are looking to shed some of the post Christmas pounds in a safe and  controlled environment, this is the package to take advantage of. Their are 8 Personal training sessions on offer 4 one to one and 4 group, that will work with your fitness capabilities & push you to get the most out of your session.  Our non invasive liposuction treatment in conjunction with the Personal training sessions will help to break down any stubborn areas of fat, by using completely painless ultra wave sounds. When the waves are applied for the correct amount of time, they can help to rupture fat cells, causing them to implode and release its fat into interstitial spaces surrounding the fat cells.


Our beauty and massage packages are the perfect form of escapism if you are looking to treat yourself and escape from the grey hustle and bustle of January and unwind after the stress of Christmas. Perfect if you want to indulge or simply have a few events coming up and want to look your best – chose from our facials, manicure treatments and waxing that accompanied with your massage and Oxygen therapy will leave you feeling relaxed and glowing from head to toe.

You can book any of our packages on line with us here or call in and see us. We also have gift vouchers available if you would like to book a session for a friend or family member!

Heres to beating the January blues and making 2017 a healthier, happier new you!

The Inspire Team



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