Inspirational health : Sunday roundup

With health and fitness being a number one consumer trend for 2016, we’ve seen a recent explosion of inspirational recipe ideas, nutrition tips and health posts, springing up from all corners of the web. With a passion for anything health related, we’re always on the look out for inspirational content that we can share with our customers and chat about over a herbal tea or a good  Personal training session in the gym! Every Sunday we’re excited to share with you a round up of our favourite health and fitness articles, posts, recipes and videos from the week that we loved and we hope you’ll love to!


Image credit Jamieoliver.com

First up, is this post from Jamie Oliver on debunking some of the biggest myths surrounding nutrition.  Low fat foods=healthy foods, Eating carbs will make me fat, and Sugar has no place in my diet are just some of the health food myths that have been doing the rounds in 2016, that Oliver address’s in this post.  When it comes to knowing what we should and shouldn’t be putting in our bodies, it can be hard not to get over whelmed by all the myriad of information about healthy food. Always make sure you check your facts on reputable websites, and if your unsure, ask your doctor or a nutritionist. 


Like many of us, if you are addicted to a daily dose of caffeine in the mornings  and can’t get through the day without multiple cups of tea or coffee you might want to check out this  article  from well and good on useful tips for giving up caffeine. 


So many of our customers tell us that they commit the cardinal sin of skipping breakfast in the mornings because they that they don’t have time to eat or simply aren’t hungry. This recipe  for seeded banana muffins from Gem at the Mother Cooker is the perfect go to breakfast idea that you can whip up on a Sunday and will last you for the rest of the week. 


We fell in love with this Light lunch recipe of roasted almond, feta cheese, tomato and five grain bowl from food blogger Rachel Phipps. A light healthy and filling dish after the heavy food from the Winter festivities, this is the perfect food to make for an early dinner and then pop any left overs in the fridge to take to work for lunch the next day. 


Lastly we love these simple and easy to make  smoothie recipes that are perfect to whip up in the mornings for breakfast to get you going , or make a refreshing post gym snack to rehydrate yourself. 

The Inspire team 



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