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Sweat to Fit

Although the results are undeniably worth it, working out can be well, hard work. Finding a routine that suits your fitness capabilities and then the uncertainty of knowing if your in the correct position for some exercises in order to get the maximum benefits out of your work out can be a bit overwhelming.

We’re excited to introduce to you our new fitness video ‘Sweat to Fit!’ that is designed to take any confusion or guess work out of your exercise regime. Every month one of our Personal Trainers will be answering one exercise related query sent to us via our social platforms or email, and demonstrating the correct technique, helpful tips and easy variations that will suit every range of fitness levels from beginner to intermediate.

We’ve kicked off with Press ups, and have 4 different variations that will help you perfect your technique no matter what level you are at.

Check out the video here untitled-2




If you have an exercise related query that you would like to see featured tweet @inspire.cardiff using the #sweattofit or drop us an email at info@inspirehealthcentre.co.uk

The Inspire Team



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