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Sunday Roundup

Ah Sunday’s a day for rest, relaxation and crawling back in to the bed with a good breakfast and the papers! We’re excited to bring you the second edition in our Sunday Round up series, where we collate all our favourite health, fitness, nutrition and food articles from the week in to one handy blogpost to share with you. This week we have blog posts  on what to eat when you’re feeling sick, our favourite foodie and fitness accounts and advice on how to enjoy treats the healthy well. Make yourself a cup of peppermint tea, crawl back in to bed and settle down for this weeks dose of health inspiration.



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What a nutritionist eats when they’re sick

We’re kicking this week off with an article from Well and Good on what health coach and yoga teacher Lee Holmes eats when she’s feeling sick. With the dreaded Winter colds still lurking, knowing what food you can reach for when you’re feeling sick is a great way to give your immune system a boost and can prevent you from needing to reach for the medicine cabinet. Everything from Vitamin C loaded nacho chips to soothing lemongrass thai soup, this article will help you know what foods will leave you fighting fit and have the added bonus of being delicious.



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How to enjoy treats the healthy way

The cold Winter weather has yet to give way to the warm Spring and it resisting eating comforting snack foods can sometimes be hard particularly after a long day. We love this article on enjoying treat the healthy way, which shows you ways to swap out your favourite sugary snacks more nutritious alternatives.

untitled-2Sweat to fit

We couldn’t write a Sunday round up without including our new Sweat to Fit series! New for every Thursday, our Personal trainer Stacey will be answering one exercise related query and demonstrating an easy how to with tips that will help you to get the most out of your exercise. The first video focuses on showing different variations of the press up, suitable for all levels of fitness. If you have an exercise query you would like to see featured in our Sweat to Fit series, you can let us know on Twitter using the #sweattofit or drop us an email at


Image credit Chobaniinstagram 

Chobani Instagram

We love a good bit of social media stalking on our favourite accounts to find the latest healthy breakfast ideas or recipes that we can whip up in the kitchen or chat about with our customers between training sessions. The lovely Chobani yoghurts Instagram feed is a breakfast dream and will leave even people who detest mornings waking up and looking forward to breakfast.


Heres to a healthier, happier Monday!


The Inspire team



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