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How to feed your motivation

We all have days when we run out of motivation and the thought of doing something positive seems impossible. Sometimes it feels like you’re in a slump and you just can’t shake it off.  Maybe you aren’t getting any where with your fitness goals, or you just can’t stop eating junk food, or you’re dissatisfied at work and feeling a total lack of motivation that make doing even the tinniest of steps impossible. If so you are not alone!  This weeks motivational Monday post is all about feeding and nurturing your motivation if you’re at a point where you feel like you’ve completely run out of steam.

Identify the situation

For many of us lack of motivation can come from trying to do to many things at once. If your attention is focused on multiple goals, it tends to sap your energy, focus and motivation leaving you feeling like you want to do nothing. Write a list of everything you are trying to achieve and then prioritise them numerically. Choose one goal to focus on, and work towards that.


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Make a mood board

Many of us respond well to visual stimulation. It engages the creative side of our brain and helps us to visualise what we are working towards. Creating something as simple as a mood board can be a great way to get your motivation back on track and lift your spirits. Try pinning images of trips you have planned to remind yourself of the things that you have to look forward to, pictures of fitness inspiration, or perhaps that new job that you really want. Pin it somewhere where you will see it every day and it will help remind you what you want to achieve.



Use visual markers

Visual markers can be a great way to get you up and moving again. We love this glass beads in a vase idea, which will visually encourage you to see the progress you are making. It doesn’t have to be used just for weight loss either, try it for each healthy piece of food you eat, job you apply for or new thing you do to encourage you to want to keep on going.

Sliced Fruit, Seeds And Vegetables

Encourage healthy snacking

The phrase you are what you eat, may be cliched but it really is true. The longer you carry on over indulging in sugary snacks, crisps and junk food the worse you will feel and the more lethargic you will be come. Although it can be difficult to stop snacking, research has shown that there is direct link between what we eat and how we feel. Try encouraging yourself to eat healthy by leaving healthy snacks in easy to reach places. A few sample ideas are a bowl of nuts mixed with a few squares of dark chocolate, apple slices, (squeeze lemon juice over them and pop them in the fridge to stop them going brown) bowl of blueberries and raspberries, bananas, or a  bowl of baked kale chips.


Set a date

Setting small short term goals is a great way of working towards to a main one that can feel impossible and leave you feeling like you don’t know where to start. Pick a date in the near future on your calendar and mark that as something you want to achieve. Maybe you want to be going to the gym once a week by then, or you want to achieve a certain distance running, or have started eating healthy breakfasts.

Get inspiration

If you are feeling a complete lack of motivation, try  looking for inspirational people around you that have achieved things that you would like to accomplish and use that as a drive to push yourself. If your friend has got a promotion at work, or reached their ideal weight goal, in addition to celebrating with them, look at them as a source of inspiration for what you can achieve as well.

Do you have any motivation tips? We would love to know how you stay motivated, let us know in the comments!

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