Working out in confidence

We’ve all been there, guiltily munching that second bar of chocolate when you promised yourself that this was going to be the week that you started eating healthily and going to the gym regularly to kick start your weight loss goals. The trouble is, the idea of going to the gym and working out in front a whole host of strangers who all seem to know what they’re doing, is  nerve racking, makes you feel uncomfortable and puts you off  wanting to go.  Your not alone! Many of us dread the idea of  working out in front of people we don’t know or running in public as we feel self conscious, embarrassed and afraid of being judged by other people. If this sounds like the reason that you are putting off starting your weight loss journey then we have just the solution.



The training facilities and exercise programmes at Inspire are built with this fear that many people have of training in front of others in mind. Our exercise studio is  designed to be an exclusive, quiet and friendly environment that people can come and work out in, either individually with a Personal Trainer with no one else there, or in small groups of four or five people all with different levels of fitness.




Our fully equipped studio provides you with everything you need for a good work out, and our friendly and professional female trainers will devise a bespoke session that is specifically tailored to your needs.



Let us help you kick start your weight loss journey in confidence in a secure supportive and friendly environment. Our individual training sessions start at £29 and £9 per group session, or you can check out our February offers here and get a block of Training sessions for 50% off .

Get in touch to have a free no obligations consultation to see what we can do for you!


The Inspire Team



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