Non invasive Liposuction: what you need to know

With our new Spring offers under way for February, we thought we would talk to you in a little bit more detail about our non-invasive liposuction treatments that we offer here at Inspire health centre.  Our overall goal is not just to help you loose weight, but to achieve your ideal body weight and shape whilst prioritising your holistic health and well being.


Non invasive liposuction is just that; non invasive and pain free. The treatment works by focusing ultrasound waves on adipose tissue (otherwise known as fat) for a specific amount of time, making the pressure and expansion cycles of the waves produce positive and negative pressures within the fat cells. This pushing and pulling effect of these waves can result in rupture of fat cells, causing them to implode and release its fat into interstitial spaces surrounding the fat cells.  The fatty acids are then transported to the tissue needing energy.


When combined with Personal training sessions and a controlled nutrition plan, non invasive liposuction can help in your weight loss journey.

Treatments start from £75 for a 40 minute treatment, or have a look at our promotional packages for February here 

The Inspire Team



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