Non invasive Liposuction: what you need to know

With our new Spring offers under way for February, we thought we would talk to you in a little bit more detail about our non-invasive liposuction treatments that we offer here at Inspire health centre.  Our overall goal is not just to help you loose weight, but to achieve your ideal body weight and shape whilst… Continue reading Non invasive Liposuction: what you need to know

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Working for it | Monday Motivation #3

Good morning and happy Monday beautiful people! A fresh new week and new start to keep persevering with your goals, and put behind you whatever troubles or difficulties that you had last week and start this week with a new mindset. At Inspire, a  customers mental health and well being is just as important to… Continue reading Working for it | Monday Motivation #3


Working out in confidence

We've all been there, guiltily munching that second bar of chocolate when you promised yourself that this was going to be the week that you started eating healthily and going to the gym regularly to kick start your weight loss goals. The trouble is, the idea of going to the gym and working out in… Continue reading Working out in confidence

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How to feed your motivation

We all have days when we run out of motivation and the thought of doing something positive seems impossible. This weeks motivational Monday post is all about feeding and nurturing your motivation if you're at a point where you feel like you've completely run out of steam.

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Sunday Roundup

We're excited to bring you the second edition in our Sunday Round up series, where we collate all our favourite health, fitness, nutrition and food articles from the week in to one handy blogpost to share with you. This week we have blog posts on what to eat when you're feeling sick, our favourite foodie and fitness accounts and advice on how to enjoy treats the healthy well. Make yourself a cup of peppermint tea, crawl back in to bed and settle down for this weeks dose of health inspiration.

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Sweat to Fit

We're excited to introduce to you our new series of fitness videos 'Sweat to Fit!' that are designed to take any confusion or guess work out of your exercise regime.

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Motivational Monday

Happy Monday! Following on from our Sunday round up posts we are excited to introduce the first in our series of Motivational Mondays blog posts, to kick start your week with some health and fitness inspiration.